The Future Awaits

As two engineering students in our Senior year at the Colorado School of Mines, Gallivant and I are caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting a job…as well as making sure we finish our Heat Transfer homework. The traditional job path for newly dubbed engineers is to go into the field of engineering, maybe sign on with a large oil or energy company and join the 9am hustle and bustle, but we’re not the traditional person. We answer to the higher calling of the outdoors; the fresh line, first ascent, virgin forests…you get the idea. So much to my, and Gallivant’s, exaltation, we have met some really cool people at the Canadian Heli Ski company Canadian Mountain Holidays , and may have the opportunity to work for them. Now, this means a lot… Scrounging up the money for Avy Beacons and Avy Classes, getting in shape hiking for our lines, and least of all our futures. I mean, it’s a lot to think about, which Avy Beacon do I want and how am I going to pay off all of these loans!? Right now I’m thinking “This is the adventure of a lifetime, everything will work out (it always does!!), just jump in.” I’m super stoked, and I think I will pursue it. As always, the future awaits, and this time I will pursue it!



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