A Day in the Life


When most people draw up their idea of the perfect Colorado afternoon for the first day in December, I can only imagine the vast imagery that would arise. There would be snow, lots of snow, skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, hot chocolate, movies, Bon Iver, etc. The list would go on and on, however, 65 degrees and sunny might be one idea that probably wouldn’t be commonly thought of, because this is Colorado and it’s supposed to be winter!

When my friends and I saw the forecast for the weekend, we decided to take full advantage of the great climbing weather and head up to North Table in Golden, CO for an afternoon of adventure. The area was packed with other avid rock climbers having the same idea as us. There were old timers, families, babies, college students, dogs and even a lone rattle snake! After a couple hours of climbing, we finished the afternoon with a few sunset ascents. The attached photo pretty much sums up the perfect December 1st afternoon.

Just another day in the life of an outdoor activist!



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