what to do on days like these

After spending a week in Breckenridge, CO with an amazing group of people living the life of ski bums, then heading home for three weeks to hangout with family and life-long friends and ultimately returning to the beautiful rocky mountain state with a broken collar bone just has a bittersweet taste to it. All of the activities which have led to my love for Colorado are now put on hold while I wait for the healing magic to take place. Which leaves me saying to myself on beautiful 60 degree days, “What the hell am I supposed to do with myself?” I was slowly getting used to the lack of mobility while home, but coming back to the origin of my outdoor adventurist mentality has me writhing with anticipation. After a successful surgical experience on Friday, I only have 6 more weeks until I will be free to return to my normal lifestyle. Until then, I will need to find ways to kill time (Schoolwork, grad school applications, music and a lot of Dexter). I will also be doing a lot of day dreaming, This way when I am ready to get back out there I will have a much more profound purpose and appreciation for what I do. But for now, we just wait.

– Galli


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