The Musings of a Sick Mind

I’m sorry to draw you in with a title like that and not provide you with the musings of a serial killer, a sufferer of down-syndrome or even a schizophrenic (at least I don’t think so…). What follows are the cold induced musings of yours truly (maybe I am schizophrenic, or just channeling the writing style of Alex and his droogs). I have had a couple today, which will follow in a list for your browsing convenience. But first, some background! I have a cold. I went to class today to sit through the only class that takes attendance- robotics – I turned in my fluids project and I came home to eat soup, drink water, sleep, watch my new favorite show “Sherlock”, and wallow in my bodies attempt to rid itself of whatever is afflicting me. Between naps and half-alertly watching shows on my tablet, I took the advice from a recent Leadership Summit I went to…or is it Socrates? It doesn’t matter, I thought about stuff and asked why:

  • Why do people want to sit on the couch and do nothing so much? It sucks! You can do that when you’re sick and infirm…I’m already bored!
  • Why does cough syrup taste so good? I mean the orange flavor doesn’t taste like oranges, but you can drink it with none of that post-shot shiver…don’t people not want to be sick? It should taste terrible so you want to recover and stop drinking that crap!
  • Why does daytime TV suck!? Nobody watches it, get a job or education…
  • Why does all TV go off of your emotions? I mean Honey Boo Boo, the Bachelor, Survivor, 24, the Following, World’s Worst Tenants…the list goes on. I know that’s how you get people interested-by grossing them out, scaring them, making them hope for true love, anything with emotions-but come on! It stresses me out and annoys me…
  • Why don’t people take care of themselves? ?????? ???? ??? ?
  • Why are the old looked down upon, shunned and ignored? You will probably be there someday…
  • Why do I have so many questions and no capacity to answer? I seriously have a ton of questions.
  • Why am I letting my food go cold? Because I have a compulsion to do things…sometimes. Actually a lot of the time.
  • Where have all the cowboys gone? Nobody ever answered the question in that song.
  • Why is there a human connection? Why do I miss people, hope to hear from them, want to see them?
  • Why do I think? Why do you think? Do we think the same? Do we have the same thoughts, questions? Do we see things similarly? I seriously doubt it.
  • Why do people have trouble talking about thoughts and feelings? You feel them, don’t you wonder if people think or feel the same way?
  • Why do people have trouble articulating? I do because I’m already thinking about the next subject on a link that people seldom follow or understand.

Enough for now. My mind is full of questions again, we’ll see what happens. If you care to leave a comment I would love to hear about it, discuss it, contemplate it. I have to eat my cold dinner now. Goodbye.



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