What Makes You Itch?

Today Gallivant brought up a video I had previously seen and forgotten about that has me in a strangle hold. The video, below, is a lecture by a philosopher I had previously not heard of, Alan Watts. I’ll let you get into the video before I carry on.

As you may already know, Galli and I are examining the possibility of going to Canada to work for a Heli-Ski company for the early years of our post-school lives…this undertaking would be: amazing, terrifying, stressful, dirtbaggy, possibly debilitating, exciting, once in a lifetime, life-changing, dramatic, explorative, terrible, awesome… The problem is starting. The motivation is there, but the stress of thinking about leaving friends, family, loved ones, children (not quite…). Our Country. Our Homes. Everything we have ever known about laws, culture, borders, locations… The dream is there, but the fear is strong. Family against the bleak financial future of a dirtbag in a heliski company, friends making 5 or 6 figures out of college nervous for the same financial future. The drive is there, but the ties are strong. Will there be a job after? Will this become a hobby that pays the bills? What will happen to us? Will the world as we know it disappear? I think not.

In my limited experience, a month over 22 years (roughly 8068 days), I have found that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” as Santiago, the main character in Coelho’s “The Alchemist”, finds on his journey to accomplish his Personal Legend. Furthermore, occurrences, could they be called coincidences?, keep happening that make me believe this more and more.

Watts speaks about college students, could be why he resonates with me, who try to go out into the world to find what they want to do. At first they are worried about making money, but as he claims, “[it is] better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way”. I believe this to be true. In my short time, I have found that to do things you do not find pleasant to be annoying and even unhealthy. Also, Watts asks one of the very questions that I have been asking myself; “what sort of a situation would you like? … What would you like to do if money were no object?”. Ask yourself this. What are your answers? Are you doing them? My answer is many things and no respectively. I would love to fly; any kind really: single prop, multi prop, helicopter, paraglider, hangglider, wingsuit, skydive, zip line, rope swing… I would love to climb, to ski, to build, to tinker, to be outdoors, to backpack, to ride horses, to play with my dog, to…the list is endless. Am I achieving my goals? I get to tick one big one off of my list in June. I am building and designing a baja car with my team who has become like a family to me. I get to see friends that I never hope to leave everyday but I also remember those who are far away and not as active in my life. But alas, I see that the future is attainable. You cannot mourn every failure, but you must accept failures and see them for what they are, for then you can improve upon them. I do not intend to allow this opportunity to be a failure.



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